Diamond Dust Trilogy, Book 3 - Feels Like Home
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 2, 2011 - 11:18:32 AM

Yvonne Delisle has been hired to plan the wedding of her former mother-in-law, Diane, to a retired senator at a derelict carriage house located at the Diamond Dust vineyard.  At the same time she’s been asked to transform the place into what could potentially become a popular wedding venue – only she’s met with resistance in the form of her still angry ex-husband Aiden and the rest of his family who still blame her for their failed marriage.  Yvonne’s a true southern belle who is careful to keep up appearances but that doesn’t mean she’s a doormat and isn’t willing to back down from a challenge either.

Aidan Sheppard isn’t at all happy to find Yvonne wandering about the carriage house and learning that his mother has hired her to fix up the place for a wedding venue only sours his mood even further.  Aidan’s well aware of his mother’s manipulative tactics, after all she’s used them on both his siblings, but he’s determined not to fall into that trap.  He might not be able to fire Yvonne since she has a contract but he doesn’t have to go out of his way to be nice to her at all.  In fact, he decides to treat her just like any other employee – a non-significant one.  The trouble with that whole plan is his mother’s wedding is only six weeks away and disappointing her is not an option.


Yvonne isn’t entirely comfortable with the whole situation but she’s a professional and this is an opportunity she cannot pass up.  As if her time table wasn’t already incredibly limited, Aiden refuses to make himself available to discuss the details for changes necessary to the carriage house. The bride and groom aren’t even concerned with the details – in fact, aside from selecting the invites they leave it all up to Yvonne and go about their own business.  Yvonne’s has never felt like she belonged amongst the Sheppard family and the same holds true now – but this time she stands up for herself and Aiden might just discover that she wasn’t entirely to blame for their divorce. 


FEELS LIKE HOME is one of those multileveled stories that pull at readers’ heartstrings.  The characters are realistic and even the squabbles, scheming and arguments are reminiscent of a close knit family.  However, there are deep set issues that have obviously caused quite a few problems and while Yvonne and Aiden’s marriage might have disintegrated under the strain of matters beyond either of their control you get the feeling that it can be remedied.   Beth Andrews does a brilliant job writing about each of these characters so that readers can understand their positions and empathize with them without resenting any of the other characters.  What truly impresses me about this book is how Ms. Andrews brings the entire family together through Diane’s struggle with a devastating medical diagnosis and allows the reader to feel as if you’re directly impacted by the outcome. 


It’s not crucial to read the first two titles in the TOGETHER AGAIN series before reading FEELS LIKE HOME but it would probably give you more insight into the characters’ backgrounds and the reasons behind their behaviors.  The other titles in this series are:


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