Feet of Clay
By Amanda Haffery
Jul 1, 2007 - 5:44:42 PM

Bethan is a model for artists. Usually she does nudes in a classroom setting, but recently she's been contacted to pose for a private artist. Bethan is a little hesitant, but figures that there's really not any difference between modeling for twenty and doing it for one. Resigned, she arrives at the meeting place only to discover things aren't exactly what they seem.

Mitch is blind. As an artist, he has to look at his subjects using his sense of touch. He realizes that Bethan isn't at all prepared for this so he gives her the option of walking away. Bethan is one woman that Mitch may not want to let go of though. Things definitely heat up during Mitch's soft stroking of Bethan: and well, one thing leads to another.


FEET OF CLAY is an exquisitely written erotica story sure to leave readers panting for more. This is a very fast-paced and quick read. Ms. Storm did an amazing job combining storyline, passion and a hint of romance into eleven pages. Bethan is a sweet girl who doesn't know exactly what she's gotten herself in to with Mitch. Mitch being blind has to sculpt her the only way he knows how, through touch. When the touching begins, all bets are off. Passions flare and both characters are sucked in to the moment of ecstasy. Who knew modeling for a sculptor could be so much fun? Ms. Storm is a phenomenally talented author and I cannot wait to read more from her very soon! Each story just gets more and more amazing!


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