Fiance At Her Fingertips
By Dottie
May 5, 2008 - 5:42:22 PM

Debra Daniels, a crime victim counselor, is fed up with her mother’s attempts to fix her up with blind dates.  When her father joins her mother in the crusade to get Debra married, it is the last straw.  Since her most serious boyfriend-to-date dumped her several months ago, she has not had much luck in her social life.  After her ex-boyfriend dumped her, Debra compiled a list of minimum requirements for her ideal man.  The one thing he will not be is an attorney.  Working in Victim’s Assistance, she has seen lawyers take advantage of some of the vulnerable victims.

While at a novelty gift shop, Debra finds something unusual – a kit called Fiance in a Box.  It claims to be a single women’s most effective weapon against meddling parents and workplace speculation.  There is only one kit left and it is a kit for Lawyer Logan.  She searches, trying to find a Pediatrician Paul, CEO Clay, or one of the other occupations, without any luck.  Each kit contains pictures of her “boxed fiancé”, ‘while you were out’ post-it notes, greeting cards, etcetera – everything needed to convince people she has a new love in her life.


Debra tries the kit for several weeks with wonderful results.  Everyone is off her back and life is rosy.  People cannot get over the change in her.  She even has a spring in her step.  That is, until the day Lawyer Logan shows up on her parent’s doorstep.  Opening the door, Debra is dumbstruck.  This gorgeous guy is everything the Fiance in a Box showed him to be.  He is just like the picture in the kit and all the information about him is correct.  Even sneaking into his car and apartment shows that he is who he claims to be and he acts as if they have been dating all along.  How can this be?  How could her Fiance in a Box come to life? 


FIANCE AT HER FINGERTIPS is a wonderfully quirky, laugh-out-loud romance story.  Five Blue Ribbons!!  This enchanting story with its weird and wonderful storyline and irresistible characters is unforgettable. The reader can even feel Debra’s bewilderment as her Fiance in a Box suddenly comes to life and she acquires not just an instant fiancé but a very attractive one.  This steamy and extremely funny tale will be a favorite for many readers.  FIANCE AT HER FINGERTIPS is definitely on my ‘highly recommended read’ list. 

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