Fiance Wanted Fast
By Bea Sigman
Jun 13, 2003 - 12:52:00 PM

Gib’s best friend Josh is convinced that the reason his relationships fail is because he doesn’t know how to be friends with a woman.  So to prove him wrong, Gib is leaving California to go to London to spend six weeks as flat mate with Josh’s friend Bella and her two roomies, Kate and Phoebe.  The thing is, Gib cannot tell any of the girls his complete identity.  This should be the easiest bet Gib has ever made, or is it?  What will happen to the friendships he builds when the girls, especially Phoebe, find out who he really is?

Phoebe is shocked when her friends suggest that she hire their new flat mate to pose as her perfect new lover.  She knows that if she shows up at her ex-fiancé’s wedding alone, everyone will think she is still pining after Ben, and be showered in other people’s pity.  Besides, what could go wrong in the few hours that Gib would be pretending to be her besotted love interest?  Plenty!  Plus can Phoebe keep things strictly business or will her feelings get involved?

Oh what a tale!  I couldn’t stop turning the pages.  Gib was so funny trying so hard to play things off and constantly having Phoebe furious with him.  Poor Phoebe was trying to change her predictable ways, but still be the responsible one.  Then you had Josh, Bella, and Kate to stir up the mix and make the story hysterical.  I loved this story; it had everything, love, heartache, laughter and a bit of white lies too.  I can’t wait for Kate’s story, The Blind-Date Proposal, to come next month.

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