By Myra Gabor
Aug 13, 2014 - 6:40:21 PM

Carmen’s plans for renewing the town square were approved by the Town Council.  They’ve also decided that Ryan will do the landscaping. It all has to be finished in time for the town’s yearly parade, which means that Carmen and Ryan will be working closely together.

Carmen is lonely. As she looks at the love all around her, she finds the emotion cloyingly sweet.  She grew up in foster care with her sister and feels she was denied knowing what love is. She is a grown woman now who knows how to adjust to situations and how to avoid drawing attention to herself.  She refuses to accept orders from anyone anymore.

As a young man, Ryan was stunned to discover that the man he called Dad was not truly his father. To escape his home life and the shock, he enlisted, served his country and now considers himself to be a tough-as-nails ex-Marine.  He doesn’t mind the idea of being together with the pocket Venus, Carmen, but it goes against the grain to have someone else do the fixing up for him. He won his rank in the Marine Corps and is used to making his own decisions. 

From their first official meeting at the work site, Carmen makes it very clear to Ryan that she is not his subordinate and will not take orders from him. Yet she cannot deny her awareness of him as a man when she feels his lips on hers.  She is moved by his touch, actually wants more, and knows that she lacks courage for not demanding it.

Carmen is aware that her sister, as well as her two new best friends found their soul mates through the machinations of the town grandfathers. She wouldn’t mind being in love, if only she knew what love was.  Ryan is known as a “love-‘em and leave ‘em” guy. He has no intention of being manipulated into falling for only one woman. But when they are together - sparks fly.

This is Book 11 of what is a 12-part series.  Each book is 100 pages or less and can stand alone.  It’s very readable and very enjoyable.

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