Fiesta Moon: Moon Struck Series: Book 2
By Sherri Myers
Jun 1, 2005 - 7:34:00 PM

After his third arrest for DUI, Mark Madison has run out of options. Instead of going to prison, Mark's brother pulls some strings and gets him assigned to renovate a hacienda in Mexico for use as an orphanage. Mark is less than thrilled, but deciding it's better than jail, he heads off to Mexico. Arriving in Mexicalli on the back of a livestock truck, Mark finds himself in the middle of the "Twilight Zone." Mark becomes the object of a pig's affections, and ends up adopting 'Toto'. Now if he could only get the attention of the beautiful lady-in-charge, Corinne Diaz.

Corinne Diaz is helping at the orphanage and isn't one to be less than serious. When Mark Madison shows up to help with the renovations, Corinne feels an increasing attraction to the sexy bachelor. As the project gets under way, someone tries to put a stop to the work, and it's anyone's guess who is behind the mischief. Mysterious illness, death, and devilment plague the renovation project but no one seems to know why anyone would want the work halted. Is the hacienda really bewitched or does someone just want them to think it is? Can Corinne and Mark work together to find out, and maybe find love in the process?

FIESTA MOON is a fast-paced novel full of laugh-a-minute comedy and loveable characters. It also has a great mystery that will have you guessing until the end who is behind all the trouble and why. Linda Windsor is an author with a funny bone and a quick wit the reader will thoroughly enjoy. FIESTA MOON is the second of the Moonstruck series, but can easily stand alone. I highly recommend FIESTA MOON for a wonderfully romantic comedy that is also inspirational in content.

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