Fight for Love
By Pamela Denise
Sep 4, 2011 - 12:26:58 PM

Seventeen-year-old Rebekah Jamison, daughter to the pastor of the biggest church in the Atlanta area, falls immediately for the type of guy her parents wouldn’t approve of. Twenty-year-old Rafael Lopez came to the states from Mexico City and is scraping by at an auto parts place. When he and Rebekah meet, it's love at first sight and a secret romance develops. After Rebekah graduates high shool, she and Rafe elope in Las Vegas.

Rafe has been promised a career in wrestling, but it’s full of underground fights and missed nights at home to get there. What starts off as a wonderful marriage is soon strained because of the circumstances. While on a trip back home visiting her parents, a scandal hits the media featuring Rafe, leaving Rebekah heartbroken and seeking a divorce. Nine years have passed since the upheaval in Rafe and Rebekah’s life, with neither having seen each other or spoken since she left for the trip home all those years ago.

Though Rafe’s marriage crumbled, his fame rose. Now noted as a famous retired wrestler and the “Sexiest Athlete Alive”, he finds out some startling news that has him heading to Atlanta to find Rebekah. It seems there was a mishap at the clerk’s office, and their divorce never got filed. When a shocked Rebekah opens the door to him, she isn’t the only one who takes a blow. Rafe is greeted by a miniature version of himself.

Finding out he has a son piles even more sorrow and regret on Rafe about the horrible misunderstanding that happened long ago. Rebekah agrees to the trip to California for the summer so that Rafe and Ricardo, their son, can get to know one another. Yet, being so close to Rafe is bringing back old feelings full force. It’s quite clear that she and Rafe still share a strong connection, but the past may have too much baggage to drop. Having his old love and son in his life makes Rafe realize he doesn’t want the divorce to go through. He’s fought for success. Now he is ready to fight for love…and it’s a good thing he’s known for always winning.

FIGHT FOR LOVE is a contemporary romance that relies heavily on the characters to pull off the story, and they do so brilliantly. Author Delaney Diamond is able to capture the passion the hero and heroine so obviously feel as well as the hurt that each experience. The way in which she handles the characters’ frame of mind and actions at different stages in their lives was plausible and portrayed growth quite well. This is a wonderful story of love rekindled.

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