Fighting for Control

Author: Melynda Price


Release Date: March 22, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Ebook

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After a hot and sexy one-night stand
, Violet and Nikko thought they would never see each other again. Little did they know, fate had other plans for them. Once again they are thrown together and Violet fights against the undeniable desire that grows between them. Can Nikko tear down all the walls she has put in place?

The relationship between these two characters is very complicated, Violet is a very strong woman, one that ended her marriage and flew away to start her life over, all she wants is to put her own past behind her. Six months after Dr. Summers divorce, she meets the stranger who rocked her world only to find out he is her newest patient. If word was to get out about their one-night stand, it would be the end of both their careers. But no matter how hard she tries, Violet can't help but have feelings for the man. Violet is determined to uncover the demons that plague him and to keep the relationship between them professional, but she is losing the battle of wills. She knows she has to help him no matter what that might mean. Getting him to open up will be the hardest part. But is she prepared to put everything on the line in order to help Nikko fight against his past?

The ex-marine Nikko Del Toro is plagued with nightmares of war, memories that fight against his sanity, threatening to pull him into darkness. The only things that keeps him going is cage fighting and the memories of the one-night stand he had with a stranger. His PTSD comes into full swing at a CFA press party causing him to lose control. His career is hanging in the balance, and the only chance he has at saving it is to see the psychologist that works for his employers. He doesn't expect that person to be his Clover, and the last thing he wants is to let her in to see the skeletons that hide in his mind. He doesn't want her help in fighting the darkness of his past, all he wants is her, all he needs is her.

Melynda Price does a fantastic job bring the emotions out in the character along with the amount of details that pull you into her world. It causes you to get lost in the characters thoughts.

Usually, it takes a couple of chapters for me to get into a book and be lost in the world the author creates, but with this book the author sunk her hooks into me during the prologue. Not only was I intrigued by what was going on in that little introduction, I was already laughing and looking forward to reading this book. To be honest, I have always hated reading the prologue, mainly because authors put spoilers in it and that is something that aggravates me to no end.

Besides the constant change of POV’s, I loved this book and the characters in it. Even though Nikko had some issues, not once did he give up. He kept fighting with everything that he had. If it is one thing that I love to see in a book it is character development. There is nothing better than to reading about a character that has been hurt mentally and watching them come back from that. I love to read about them overcoming their fears and demons. It can give a reader hope, hope that one day they too can overcome the nightmares that haunt them. It helps the reader understand exactly what a person with PTSD can go through. Just imagine having your worst memories drag you into a place you cannot escape. Making you feel like it is happening over and over again, maybe, then you can come close to what a person with PTSD goes through. It gives you something to think about, when it comes to mental illness. Even though you can’t see the scars, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Zara Lethallan

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