Fighting Fire
By Dina Smith
Jan 1, 2005 - 9:17:00 PM

The Lucky Hart was Carmen Hart’s last chance at establishing her independence. After a nasty divorce that left her broke and bitter Carmen vowed never to let any man tell her what she could and couldn’t do ever again. Then Carmen’s uncle passed away and left her his business, The Lucky Hart. Men had been going to the establishment for years to drink, play cards, or to watch the dance hall girls, it has always been a successful business and Carmen intended to keep it that way.

For weeks Carmen and Sam her assistant and bartender have been working to get the place reopened and get some money coming in before she starves. Now that it is opening night and everything is ready to go, in walks Brent Sommers. Brent is the town Fire Marshal and he is determined that The Lucky Hart remain closed forever. The way Brent sees it, The Lucky Hart ruined his life and the whole town would be better off without it. But Brent was not counting on the sparks of attraction that seem to fly between him and Carmen or the thoughts that kept popping into his head whenever he though about her.

When Carmen came up with a proposition that would benefit both of them, she thought she would have no trouble keeping her heart out of the equation. Unfortunately her heart had other plans, but Brent has no intention of getting involved with the owner of the establishment that ruined his life. When tragedy strikes The Lucky Hart will Brent realize his mistake before it is too late or will his stubborn heart cause Carmen her life?

FIGHTING FIRE may be a quick read but with the intense heat it brings, it will leave you feeling very satisfied. Alyssa Brooks has done a remarkable job in creating a story line that is not only refreshing but also fulfilling. If you like your romance dangerously hot then I would definitely recommend you read FIGHTING FIRE.

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