Fighting the Undertow

Author: Eden Rivers

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: November 4, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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After Val lost her job and her boyfriend at the same time, she came to the New England shore to spend some time visiting her friend Brenda and licking her wounds.  When the strong Atlantic Ocean literally sweeps her into the arms of handsome Ian Winters, Val isn’t sure whether she should act on the chemistry she feels between them.  She is even more hesitant after meeting Ian’s four closest friends.  There is an intimacy among Ian and his friends for which Val isn’t quite ready...and she doesn’t know if she ever will be.

Ian Winters is hurting too.  He is trying to get over a divorce, and he is still feeling guilty over his brother’s death.  When Ian meets Val, he is immediately drawn to her kindness and beauty.  He knows that not every woman could accept his unconventional lifestyle...but there is no way he can give up what he shares with his friends.  It was only with their love and support that he has been able to make it through the last few years, and no woman, no matter how special, can make him forget that.

As Ian and Val spend more and more time together, they realize how much they belong with each other.  Problems from both of their pasts begin to emerge though.  Val begins to wonder if she can ever open herself up to love again.  Ian realizes that he has to be completely honest with Val about every aspect of his lifestyle; including the fact that he is being haunted by his dead brother’s ghost.

FIGHTING THE UNDERTOW is an amazingly emotional book.  I was left thinking about the story and characters for days after finishing the last page.  While this is by no means a conventional romance story, the powerful storyline and controversial subject matter covered in FIGHTING THE UNDERTOW proves just how skillful author Eden Rivers is at her craft.  Reading this book was hard at times, and heart-wrenching at other times, but it is definitely not a story to be missed by anyone craving a deep and compelling read.








By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cheryl McInnis

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