Midsummer Night’s Steam – Fijian Fling
By Nickie Langdon
Jul 22, 2007 - 10:40:03 AM

Sophie Edison and her boyfriend have come to Fiji each year for several years. They leave behind a frigid Wisconsin February and escape to Fiji for a mid-winter renewal. This year Sophie is alone and determined to get herself back together again. It’s time to make some life-altering decisions.

Nick Dufour is ecstatic that Sophie is back at his resort. He’s even more thrilled that she’s alone, whatever the reason. He just has to make his move at the right moment and make it known that it’s just for the duration of her holiday. There are too many secrets in his past to get serious about someone like Sophie, especially since she’s an attorney.


Sami Lee’s FIJIAN FLING is the perfect summer romance story. It will keep you paging down the screens. Nick and Sophie are individually bogged down by a lot of excess baggage. Lee takes them through their weeks together and subtly pushes them apart and brings them back together to make them stronger.


Nick has no choice but to turn her away when her time is up and she has to go back to the cold Wisconsin winter. It’s a very sad parting or is it?


This is one of my favorites from the MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S STEAM collection. I highly recommend it.

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