Find Me Maggie: (The Misadventures of Maggie Mae)
By Myra Gabor
Jul 7, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Maggie has a twin brother, Miguel, who manages to live beyond his means. He also has girlfriends, each new one more beautiful than the previous one. Miguel is a charmer and knows how to get what he wants, be it girls or people to invest money in his newest business venture. And that’s a problem, since he has managed to get a local crime boss to invest millions of dollars, but he and the money have both disappeared.

Maggie is a girl who knows what she wants and also isn’t afraid to go after it.  The “it” is usually mind blowing sex, but tonight she wants to find her brother so she can kill him before the mob boss finds him and kills him.  It seems that her brother is always in trouble and Maggie has always been the one who has to rescue him.  She may love him, but she also figures that he’s an awful lot of trouble.  If it weren’t for the fact that they were twins, she is sure she would never go to the bother of saving him.

With his disappearance, she has to put her mind blowing sex on hold, as well as hook up again with the mob boss’s nephew. She lost her virginity to him and is still attracted to him, but the thought of her "Super Agent" and his abs waiting for her makes her sweat. Now she has to do a balancing act.  She really wants to be with "Super Agent", but she has to team up with Mob Boss Nephew in order to find her brother.

The dialogue is bright, even though she uses vulgar words when frustrated. I found myself liking Maggie and her lusty thoughts.  She is honest with herself even though she may not be totally forthright with the men in her life.

It’s a short story and an easy read, but be prepared for some rough language.

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