Finders Keepers
By Leigh
May 2, 2007 - 6:39:00 AM

Years ago, Molly Eden had her dreams of happily-ever-after irrevocably stolen from her.  A car accident took the life of her unborn child and her ability to ever have another.  A second dream died when she learned her fiancé was already another woman’s husband.  Since that time, Molly has buried her pain in work and built a successful floral business.  The ultimate betrayal has left her leery of relationships, until the day someone amazing wanders into her yard.  He’s short, dark, and handsome, sucks his thumb, and asks Molly if she’s his ‘momma’.

Joseph Rossi is in a panic when he finally finds his wayward son – in the arms of a beautiful neighbor.  Joseph is immediately attracted to Molly, but surprised when his son declares that he’s found his ‘momma’.  He’s moved to Oklahoma City looking for a new start for himself and little Joey, not a relationship.  But Joey seems to know what he wants, and soon the two adults find themselves growing close.


Yet the past has a way of rearing its head, and it threatens Molly and Joseph’s budding romance.  Both have emotional baggage from their prior relationships, and Molly especially is scared of being hurt again.  Will the two be able to overcome the hurt and disappointment of love gone wrong to start over with a love that is right?


First published a decade ago, FINDERS KEEPERS will remind readers why Sharon Sala (aka Dinah McCall) is such a beloved author.  Molly and Joseph are by turns sweet and steamy together, and even through their misunderstandings it’s easy to see how perfect they are together.  The story is pure romance, a wonderfully heartfelt and charming tale that will leave readers smiling.

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