Sexplorations Series, Book 4 – Finding Her Rhythm
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 18, 2009 - 2:07:40 PM

Since the death of her husband nearly twelve years ago, Stella’s gradually retreated behind a self-protective barrier to keep the world at bay.  It’s worked for the most part but she’s not really living – simply existing.  She’s a successful author and works as a consumer liability attorney but her personal life leaves much to be desired – or at least it did until she met Fenny, Dee and Nadine.  This friendly group of gals has broken through her resistance and made her one of them.

If left up to Stella she’d remain single with just the group of girls for companionship but an overfriendly Rottweiler has chosen to begin visiting and bearing gifts – one of her neighbor’s newspapers and mail.   She doesn’t know who the dog belongs to and actually enjoys the large animal’s visits but her friend Dee insists that she needs to attempt to locate the dog’s owner and definitely has to return the pilfered mail.  When Stella balks at doing so Dee returns the mail herself – and lets Dex know exactly where he can find any future missing mail or his newspapers, as well as his dog, Willie Brown.


Randall Dexter or Dex as he prefers to be called pays a visit to Stella’s home to make sure she’s ok with Willie Brown’s impromptu visits and can’t help but become enamored of Stella.   Apparently his dog has great taste and Dex makes the snap decision to ask Stella to dinner.  She accepts but suggests that they just eat at her place.  She’s besieged with visions of the two of them in intimate poses and that only intensifies once she learns that he’s a musician and plays the guitar.  She can visualize him strumming her body and that’s a little disconcerting to her.   She isn’t looking for love.  She’s not even looking for a fling but Dex is irresistible, if only she could trust him with her heart and secrets.


The SEXPLORATIONS series by Ciana Stone and Sahara Kelly is a series which I’ve eagerly anticipated each new release and the opportunity to revisit beloved characters.  I’ve loved being privy the discussions between Stella, Dee, Fenny and Nadine.  They’re outlandish and so reminiscent of exactly how close friends actually relate with each other.  In FINDING HER RHYTHM Dex and Stella heat things up with their intense attraction to each other but there’s an added exciting element when it’s revealed that Stella often has visions.  Willie Brown, the Rottweiler, really touched my heart especially once it becomes apparent how he brings Dex and Stella together.  Like all the stories in the SEXPLORATIONS series, FINDING HER RHYTHM is a heartwarming story full of friendship, love, hot sex, and hysterically funny scenes.  I’m already looking forward to the next book in this series, TOUCH ME, where we’ll introduced to another new friend, Eden. Calliope, Stella’s sister, already has a special place in my heart and I’m dying to find out more about her, but I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until the 6th book for her story, WORKING UP A SWEAT.


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