Finding Mr. Romantic
By Carol aka Kalola Ku
Sep 1, 2005 - 6:58:00 AM

Twenty-nine candles flickered before Celeste Harte and she bent over them with a sense of dread. What had she done with herself worth mentioning in her twenty-nine years of life? What to wish for? A man who would turn her life into a sizzling romance novel. The quintessential Mr. Romantic. What better omen than the campground she sought for a getaway incidentally called New Beginnings. A new beginning that is what she needed. Here she could be a gypsy or a woman on safari. Here she could pretend she was free-spirited and fun.

Nick Dennis, mystery writer, had waged a crazy bet with a cousin that Nick couldn't write romantic fiction if his life depended on it. Piece of cake, Nick thought. But how could a free-spirited confirmed bachelor who was afraid of marriage, women and love write the greatest love story ever told? Then C.J. drove into his life. The woman named Celeste Joy happened along to add the fuel for that sizzling romance he was trying to write.

Practical and predictable. That is what Nick had called her. Bristling from his perverse analysis of her, Celeste was determined to break out of that mold. And Nick was just the man to do it, and claimed he could. However, he had his own demons to fight and wondered if he'd gotten in way over his head with her. Nick has never loved anyone since he was ten years old. He didn't want to fall in love with this pixie of a woman who'd wormed her way into his heart.

This reviewer enjoyed the dialog and the characters' ping-pong game of falling in love. Betty Jo Schuler has written a sweet romance with just enough passion to carry it along to the very end. I look forward to more stories from her. As there were other characters in this story with budding romances and their own emotional plights, it would be fun to see how their stories turned out. I think that the author should continue and pen their stories as well. And I look forward to reading them! In the end I must let everyone know who reads this book, that you'll need a box of tissues handy for its emotional ending.

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