Finding Mrs Claus
By Zee
Jul 8, 2010 - 2:42:56 AM

Kris Kringle is not exactly a babe magnet. Actually, he isn’t a woman magnet at all. Lonely, lonesome and with a totally negative outlook and disposition, he makes nobody’s idea of Mr. Perfect or even Mr. Possible.

How then will Kris find the perfect woman, get her to fall for him and get her to agree to marry him...all in one night?


But this is Christmas, and it is a special time for the future Santa Claus. For you see, Kris Kringle is the next Santa Claus, and he needs to find Mrs. Claus right away if there’s any hope of saving Christmas for millions of children out there.


Impossible? Nothing ever is at Christmas, right?


This was one delightful little story that I devoured in one go. Ms. Rouchelle writes a cute tale of modern Christmas magic that is sure to sweep any reader off her feet.


The lonely and bitter Kris is a character that you root for, even despite his gruff manner, and to see him transformed over the course of one night, with the help of some meddling magic, of course, is very nice to follow.


As Ms. Rouchelle takes her hero through this journey to finding his heart, soul and emotion in this magical time, she manages to awaken the same feelings in her reader, and that is a beautiful achievement.


A very sweet little tale to savour with hot chocolate in hand, be it at Christmas or anytime throughout the year...FINDING MRS CLAUS is such a treat. Feelings and emotions that come right from the heart do not exist just at Christmas. They exist always, as the author shows us in this story.

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