Finding Ms. Right

Author: Lori Soard

Publisher: Amber Quill

Release Date: July 1, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0


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Jenna McBay is trying to keep her bookstore - The Tome Home - afloat.  Sales are down, but as the eldest daughter, she feels that the bookstore, which is her parent’s legacy to her and her two sisters, is her responsibility.  Her Aunt Madge left her an ancient trunk which has been passed down from daughter to daughter in the Mayker family for guardianship for many years.  The trunk contains books that cover every element of love imaginable and promises that those who read them will find love.  Because Aunt Madge had no daughters of her own, Jenna is the closest thing to a daughter she had.  The first book Jenna picks up when looking them over is titled How to Wed A Man of Means.  This is just what she needs – a man with money to help her with her money woes.

Slade Walker, owner of Walker Industries and single father of an infant daughter, is at his wit’s end.  He has just lost his latest nanny – the fifth one to quit in the last five months.  Emily, his seven-month-old daughter, has been colicky since she was born and there seems to be no end in sight despite the doctor’s prognosis.  He feels that the rewards of fatherhood are worth any hardships.  However, he needs someone to stay permanently and take care of Emily and also be there for him.  He needs a wife.  Unfortunately, he has not been able to date in the last seven months.  While trying to discover a solution to his problem, he vaguely remembers hearing about a book that offers advice on finding Ms. Right. 


Jenna has always had a crush on Slade but he has a reputation for being ruthless and she is a little intimidated.  He had been a big senior on campus when she was just a junior.  She is stunned when he walks into her bookstore and buys a book titled FIND MS. RIGHT.  Embarrassed about buying the book, Slade suddenly notices that Jenna has grown up.  So he asks her out.  However, Jenna, following the advice of her book, plays hard to get and turns him down.  When he later calls and asks her out again she believes the book is helping her so she continues to follow the advice from the rather outdated book.  Slade’s book contradicts everything Jenna’s book tells her to do – causing them to work at cross purposes.  Can they get together despite the advice in their books?


FINDING MS. RIGHT is an utterly charming novel.  Readers will find this courtship by book very amusing as the hero and heroine try to build a modern day marriage of convenience using outdated advice that somehow works despite everything going wrong.  This romantic comedy is a great light read.  It is the first book I have read by this author and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Soard’s work.  I recommend FINDING MS. RIGHT.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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