Wayback, Texas – Finding Their Way Back

Author: Cindy Spencer Pape, Roni Adams, Stacy Dawn

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: June 26, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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It’s been two long years since the unforgettable night Elizabeth O’Leary threw caution to the wind and spent the evening in bed with a rodeo cowboy.  As much as she’d like to see Grey Wulfsen again, she’s afraid that he won’t understand or forgive her for the secret she’s zealously protected ever since that magical night.   

Known as ‘The Lone Wolf’ on the rodeo circuit, Grey remembers the woman he knows as Lizzy fondly.  When he catches sight of her following his ride he becomes determined to reconnect with her.  Oddly no one in town seems to know anyone named Lizzy.   If Grey is surprised by that little fact, just wait until he discovers that the woman he never forgot gave birth to his daughter and apparently the pregnancy wasn’t an accident. 


Stacy Dawn really pulls at the reader’s heartstrings with ONE STARLIT NIGHT.  Elizabeth and Grey seem to be perfect for each other but fear, misunderstandings and misconceptions could potentially destroy any hope they have for a future together.  Ms. Dawn does a brilliant job of bringing her characters to life so that they feel like long lost friends.




AFTER THE RODEO by Cindy Spencer Pape

Free Wulfsen fully intends to have her marriage to bull rider Zane Malone annulled.  Personal experience taught her that ‘happily ever after’ simply doesn’t happen on the rodeo circuit.  Her plans are sidelined though when an accident lands her in the hospital and a pregnancy test reveals that a annulment is out of the question – not that Zane was going to let her go anyway.


Zane doesn’t regret marrying Free.  In fact he had plans to try to arrange their schedules so that they could travel together to the various rodeos.  He’s shocked that Free wants out of their marriage but with her injuries and a baby on the way he’s hopeful he can convince her that he’s in it for the long haul. 


Cindy Spencer Pape pens a story sure to captivate readers from the very first paragraph.  Free grew up in such an unconventional lifestyle that the thought of marriage and ‘roots’ scare her.  Zane understands her fear but isn’t willing to let it dictate their future happiness.  AFTER THE RODEO allows readers to empathize with the characters while smiling at their antics.





Carrie Montgomery has never stopped loving Dusty Wulfsen and she’s determined to prove it.  All her money has never brought her happiness so she’s given up her expensive lifestyle to work as a waitress in the Wayback Diner.  Eventually she knows that Dusty’s rodeo career will bring him through Wayback and she desperately hopes he’ll be able to forgive her for the way they parted.


Dusty is definitely surprised to see Carrie in Wayback and he’s certainly not pleased.  Their separation had devastated him and he’s never gotten over it but giving her another chance isn’t something he’s prepared to do.  When it comes down to it, he can’t deny that he’s still in love with Carrie but the same problems that led to their breakup still linger between them.  Can they overcome their misgivings and build on the connection they found UNDER A RODEO MOON?


Roni Adams delves into the emotional upheaval that comes with loving a man who thrives on such a dangerous activity.  Despite Carrie and Dusty’s love for each other they have deep-seated issues that could ultimately destroy any chance they have at a happily-ever-after.  UNDER A RODEO MOON touches the readers’ heart while leaving you shaking your head at just how complicated life and love can be.




FINDING THEIR WAY BACK is a fabulous anthology from Wild Rose Press.  Due to the fact that each of these stories involves a sibling in the Wulfsen family they all blend effortlessly.  As a reader you find yourself jumping right into the siblings’ lives, relationships, backgrounds and problems and wanting to fix everything for them.  Of course, since you can’t their triumphs and loving are grounds for celebration and extremely satisfying. 


This is a wonderful anthology which I’m sure fans of stories involving small towns and rodeos will fully appreciate.  There are of course other WAYBACK titles available and here are the other titles that are available in print. 





By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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