Finding You
By Tracy Marsac
Aug 20, 2004 - 10:30:00 PM

Cozie Hawthorne is very pleased at the popularity of her book, Mountain View, and its subsequent promotional tour.  What she's not pleased about is the anonymous phone calls to her hotel room that disturbingly follow her home.  She thought that by returning to her beloved hometown of Woodstock, Vermont, everything would be normal again.  Unfortunately, she couldn't be more wrong.  Her brother, Seth, is keeping secrets from her, the creepy phone calls escalate into a threatening letter, and her new tenant is setting off warning bells in her head...and her heart.

Daniel Foxworth is the renowned black sheep of Foxworth Oil.  While on his way with his partner to extinguish a chemical fire, the helicopter he was flying crashed into the Gulf of Mexico.  The crash put his best friend in the hospital and Daniel wants answers when evidence points to sabotage.  Clues lead him to Seth Hawthorne and Vermont where he rents a place from Cozie.  Under the alias Daniel Forrest, he hopes to put an end to all his questions.  He can understand why she's upset when she ascertains his real identity and furious at his suspicions concerning her brothers, but it won't stop him from finding the truth.  When Daniel finds out about Cozie's stalker, he suspects she's unwittingly tied up in the reasons for his crash and needs protection.  When Seth disappears and Cozie's house is broken into, Daniel's suspicions are confirmed and the unlikely pair must team up to find who's responsible before it's too late.

FINDING YOU is teeming with the suspense and romance Neggers has been known to do so well!  Cozie and Daniel are two dynamic lead characters whose quest put them at odds but their heated attraction keeps pulling them together.  I'm usually pretty good at discovering who the villian is before they're uncovered but Neggers kept me guessing to the very end.  Furthermore, her attention to the details of a Vermont country life was captivating.  This is a very welcomed addition to my collection of favorites. 

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