Finishing Touches

Author: Deanna Kizis

Publisher: Warner Books

Release Date: May 1, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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There is an unwritten but universal law recognized by most people: you do not date your best friend’s ex. You just don’t do it. If you do, you risk ruining your friendship forever. Yet, everyone knows that there are exceptions to every rule. FINISHING TOUCHES takes a deep look at one example of this exception.

FINISHING TOUCHES is the story of Jesse, an inspiring interior designer stuck in a job selling furniture. She has also been the plain Jane looking for love and settling for one-night stands. Life would be miserable if it weren’t for her best friends, Bryn and Cecile.

We find out that Cecile, Bryn, and Jesse have been best friends since college. Bryn is the sharp one, and Cecile is the beautiful one adored by all. Jesse considers herself the plain one, short on looks and confidence. When Jesse meets Zach in college, she feels that initial spark. Things don’t work out, and Zach eventually meets Cecile. Of course Zach becomes smitten with Cecile.

Zach and Cecile become the prototypical golden couple: good-looking, successful, and very much in love with each other. The story begins with their wedding preparations. Before the ceremony can take place, a car accident puts Cecile in the hospital. Zach and Cecile exchange their wedding vows while she is hospitalized. Everyone is stunned when Cecile dies a short time later. Jesse and Bryn try to deal with their grief as they try to comfort the new widower.

As Jesse spends more time with Zach, she realizes that old feelings still linger. She also realizes that Zach may feel the same way, too. When Jesse and Zach start dating, she feels happy about rekindling the flame but guilty towards Cecile’s memory. It doesn’t help that Bryn doesn’t exactly approve of the new relationship. As Jesse struggles with the stigma of dating her best friend’s widower, she has to wonder if the relationship is even worth it. Is this really love or comfort?

Author Deanna Kizis writes with wit and dramatic flair. She has a talent for creating realistic dialogue and engaging characters. FINISHING TOUCHES deals with serious subjects in an entertaining way. It is a book about falling in love, letting go, and moving on with life.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Hana K.

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