Finnegan's Promise
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2007 - 3:20:37 PM

Professional football player Calder Finnegan hasn’t been back in his father’s pub for six years but it’s the off-season and he’s returned to Boston to help run the family bar while his dad makes a trip to Ireland. There are just a few changes to the place he hadn’t expected. The biggest one being the sexy bartender, Mick, and the discovery that Mick is more than a bartender - Fin’s father sold him the apartment above the bar and made him a 10% owner in the pub itself.

Mick had been unaware that Fin would be returning to help at the pub while his dad makes a trip to Ireland. He’s never met Fin’s son but has certainly heard enough about him that he feels that he should have recognized him when he entered the pub, he doesn’t though. Mick will soon learn that not only is Fin and Sean’s relationship strained, Sean still hasn’t told Fin that he has terminal cancer despite the fact that he’s known for months.

Dominic ‘Mick’ Sullivan is more that a part owner in Finnegan’s, he’s also a best friend to Fin’s father, Sean. Because of that friendship, Mick knows a great deal about Fin and Sean’s estranged relationship but he never dreamed he’d be instrumental in repairing the rift or the emotional toll it will take on all of them when it falls to him to reveal to Fin that Sean is terminally ill.

Mick and Fin spend long hours together at the pub and during the coarse of their growing friendship, Mick helps Fin cope with his feeling regarding his childhood and his absentee father. Fin resents the time his father invested in the pub and the fact that Sean never once attended any of his games. Mick shows him a back room which is filled with pictures of Fin during various stages in his life and career. During the first ten days that they work together, their attraction for one another grows until they give in and end up spending the night together. Mick has no problem with making their relationship public but Fin’s career as a football player will be affected if he comes out of the closet. Fin has some major decisions to make regarding his love for his career and Mick. Add to that the emotional turmoil of reestablishing a relationship with his father - just in time to say ‘goodbye.’

Carol Lynne really touched my heart with this tale - not so much because of the romance between Mick and Fin (though I did love them as a couple) but because of the estranged relationship between Fin and Sean. So many parents work long hours and never consider the impact their absence has on their child’s life, Ms. Lynne gives readers an inside look at the emotional damage that not spending much time with your children can cause. There’s something so strikingly ‘wholesome’ about the relationship between Fin and Mick that I found myself anxious to find out just what happens between them.

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