Fire Me Up: Pine Mountain, Book 4
By pamelalynne
Mar 18, 2015 - 10:05:27 AM

Adrian Holt loves his job; in fact, his whole life revolves around it. Being a chef is what he does best. When a friend convinces him to take a much needed break, he does with great reluctance. That is when the crap really hits the fan. Not only does his time off result in a motorcycle accident, but he is left with an arm injury that insures that he will not work in a kitchen for at least six weeks. What a nightmare! The only good thing to come of it is his meeting paramedic Teagan O'Malley.

Teagan and her father are in a real bind. His bar, The Double Shot, is not turning enough profit to keep people employed. With her father out sick, Teagan has no choice but to run it herself. When Adrian walks in and offers to help, she is relieved. Teagan realizes that if a man is interested enough to help a stranger out of the goodness of his heart, then he must be worth hanging onto. There are many layers to Adrian and Teagan wants nothing more than to be the woman to reveal each one. Will Adrian let her see the real man underneath or is Teagan wasting her time?

I am always searching for a good contemporary in-between all the paranormal and historical novels that I read. New-to-me author Kimberly Kincaid became a quick fix for the craving. Her novel, FIRE ME UP, is great. The main characters are a lot of fun. Teagan is mouthy, bold and beautiful. Adrian is snarky, stubborn and all alpha male. The adventures that they have in FIRE ME UP create a super sexy read. I only wish that I had read Ms. Kincaid's PINE MOUNTAIN series from start to finish... a problem that I will have to remedy.

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