Fire and Desire
By Roberta Austin
Mar 17, 2008 - 2:08:09 PM

Tiffany Hatcher is a governor's daughter and has had to help her father in many ways since the death of her mother. She is an excellent hostess and that has helped her establish a business of her own in event planning. Tiffany gets into the fun of a party in Vegas way too much one night. When she wakes up the next morning, she finds she has married the male stripper from the night before in a Vegas wedding chapel. Tiffany is more than a little upset, but figures she can get a quickie divorce or annulment. Her new groom, Trevor Lewis, has ulterior motives and leaves town before she can get any contact information to proceed.

Trevor is more than the infamous Fireman stripper. The money he made 
as an exotic dancer during summers and breaks paid for twenty-five
percent of his tuition to an Ivy League college. He now has a more 
conservative business of his own that is growing, but he can't resist 
his aunt's pleas to help out with one more party, especially when he 
finds our Tiffany will be there. Trevor has long been looking for 
revenge against Christopher Manning who has been linked to Tiffany as 
a possible future husband. What better way to get back at Manning than 
to steal his intended?
Tiffany has not thought about Christopher as more than a family friend 
in recent history. Still she tells no one, not even her father, about 
her marriage to Trevor. When she comes in contact with Trevor again, 
Tiffany is not so sure if she wants to dissolve their marriage. There 
are serious sparks between them, but how will the relationship affect 
her father's political career?
Tiffany is a competent and accomplished young woman, but not 
experienced in love. She has put her own desires on the back burner. 
Trevor is a strong, sexy man. He not only has all the rights moves to 
arouse Tiffany's buried passion, but he is truly in touch with what 
women need to hear to feel loved and secure.
FIRE AND DESIRE is bound to turn up the heat for all contemporary 
romance readers. If you love the blend of steamy romance and a tender 
love story, this is the perfect book for you.

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