Fire and Ice
By Natasha Smith
May 1, 2009 - 9:27:36 AM

Known as “the Iceman” at work, Victor Titus is controlling and exact.  He knows what he wants and is willing to do what he has to in order to get it.  What he wants is Tanya Garcia, a woman he has spent three months trying to catch.  Victor is not an easy man by any means, but one thing is for sure – a woman he desires will never, ever leave his bed without being satisfied. 

Tanya Garcia is the office manager of Victor Titus’ and his business partners’ company. She is feisty and efficient and in charge of her life.  Three months ago she made the mistake of sleeping with Victor and now she is a bit standoffish.  Victor’s dominance makes her a bit scared because she had no business wanting him to be in control.  When he proposes one week of her submission in order to show her exactly what type of man he is, Tanya agrees – after all, this might be the one thing she needs to get him out of her system forever.


I got so tickled at Tanya’s reasoning as to why she agreed to give Victor one week.  She wanted a last fling and then he would no longer be the man she thinks about constantly.  I wished her luck in that endeavor and then joyfully continued to watch her plan fail.  Victor was simply irresistible to me.  He was heady, erotic, and his dominance made me blush more than once.  Tanya’s desire to ‘get over him’ didn’t quite work out, but she found something so much more.  She found the man that wanted her forever.  And he was a dreamboat to boot.


FIRE AND ICE is naughty. Victor’s experience in the world of dominance/submission is extensive.  Readers will be wide eyed at the different types of play but with the love that Victor and Tanya share, those risqué scenes are perfect for them. 

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