Firefly Lane
By Kathleen R
Feb 4, 2008 - 9:32:33 AM

It’s 1974 when seventeen-year-old Tallulah Hart is a new girl on Bainbridge Island, Washington.   Tully is frequently discarded by her mother due to her drug addiction, but her grandmother is providing a new start for both Tully and her mother in a house she owns on Firefly Lane.   In spite of her lack of boundaries, Tully has grown into a lovely teen.   She dresses provocatively and receives many compliments on her exceptional beauty and style.   Down the street on Firefly Lane, Kate Mularkey has been dropped by her group of girlfriends and sometimes sneaks out of her impossibly strict home in the middle of the night.   While Kate ponders her peer alienation, she meets up with Tully who tells her she had been raped an hour before.

From the moment Kate and Tully meet, they are inseparable.   Each wants what the other has.   Tully admires Kate’s generosity, a quality stemming from her stable family.   Kate is steadfast and loyal while Tully’s own mother’s love is scarce.   Kate is in awe of Tully’s exotic boldness, and loves the excitement of being with her.   Nothing has changed with Tully’s mother when her grandmother passes away.   When her mother takes off again, Tully wonders what she will do now.   A woman from social services makes that decision for her.   Destined for foster care, she feels insubstantial.   Quickly, Kate’s parents step in as legal guardians.   When Tully turns eighteen, she inherits enough money from her grandmother to go to college.   The forever best friends both major in journalism at Washington State and join the same sorority.   While Kate has a typical college experience, Tully begins an affair with her broadcasting professor.   Tully learns everything she can from him about moving up the ranks and manages to land an internship at a local TV station upon graduation.   Wanting her best friend with her, Tully talks manager John Ryan into hiring Kate in a supporting role.   This is the beginning of a love triangle.


Johnny Ryan is deeply in love with Tully, who can only love herself.   When she dumps him, Kate already knows she has loved him all along.   John sees Kate’s special qualities, falls in love and marries Kate.   Tully’s love life is on and off.   Sometimes Kate feels second-best but welcomes Tully as a special aunt to her daughter, Marah, and twin sons.   Marah becomes a rebellious teen but adores Tully.   Hard driving Tully spirals herself to the top of the TV pinnacle.   She’s making gazillions, and some is siphoned off in Kate and John Ryan’s direction because he is running her show.    It isn’t long before Kate and Tully’s friendship is overturned.


Kristin Hannah’s book, FIREFLY LANE, is an enchanting story of deep friendship, romantic love, and betrayal. Kate’s tender-hearted reactions to care for everyone and keep teenage Marah safe when she hates her brought tears to my eyes.    Tully, a strong-willed woman who is too selfish to know what effect she has on people, gained my sympathy.   FIREFLY LANE never lagged.    Kate and Tully know everything about each other and have the ability to both hurt and heal.   They exhibit their differences every step of the way.   Their adventures made me laugh.  Masterful storyteller Kristin Hannah spins a world steeped in the 1970s and all the way to the present. The story is so rich and compelling, I couldn’t put it down.   I’m telling every one of my friends to grab this powerful book.


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