The Lakeshore Chronicles - Fireside

Author: Susan Wiggs

Publisher: Mira

Release Date: February 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Kim van Dorn is headed back home after a very public breakup ends her romantic relationship and, most likely, her career with a big PR firm. She is quite the sight in her evening wear from a big L.A. party as she arrives in the cold East Coast town of Avalon. Bo Crutcher can’t help but notice the stunning redhead as she struggles along.

Bo is at the airport to pick up his son and is more than a little nervous. Bo has willingly sent monthly support checks for his son, AJ, but his former girlfriend Yolanda and her family have kept him from having any contact with his son. Yolanda has been rounded up in an INS sweep and must prove she has a legal right to be in the United States. Bo suddenly has custody of his son who is frightened and belligerent about this turn of events.

Kim finds things quite different at her family home from her last visit. After her father’s death Kim’s mother realizes that she has been left with little more than her home and she has to take in “guests” to hang on to it. Bo and AJ move in as guests while Bo is working to get his long delayed chance at becoming a major league baseball player. Kim sees Bo’s potential, but realizes he needs some polish to make it in the big time. That is her field of expertise and she puts her heart and soul into the project. She is afraid she is losing her heart to the charms of Bo and his son.

Kim is a woman who is determined and tough, but has a soft spot for those who are vulnerable. Bo is a rough and tumble kind of guy, but learns the true meaning of love, thanks to his son and Kim.

FIRESIDE is another novel in author Susan Wiggs’ THE LAKESHORE CHRONICLES series, but is stands quite well on its own. This book is another heartwarming tale that combines family drama and riveting romance with Ms. Wiggs’ unique style. I just discovered this talented writer last year and am slowly working my way through her back list. All her future novels will be “must-reads” for me.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Roberta Austin

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