By Bea Sigman
Dec 28, 2003 - 2:18:00 AM

Jake Green’s main concern should be finding out who is deliberately sabotaging GreenTex Petroleum’s oil rigs before the company goes bankrupt.  But when he gets a look at the landowner at the Groveland,
Mississippi site who leased her land to them, the only thoughts that come to mind are lustful.  This tiny brunette is not Jake’s usual type of woman, but once he gets a taste of Kate, he can’t seem to get enough of her.  Jake doesn’t mind satisfying himself with Kate’s body as long as he keeps that wall erected around his heart.

Kate Black desperately needed the money that would come from the striking oil to save her family’s land. So when the drilling site explodes, she is just as concerned as the rest of the crew. When Kate calls to check on things, she is met with a rugged, harsh man, whose voice instantly sets her body to tingling.  But when Kate finally meets the man behind the voice, her body more than tingles, its set on fire.  Getting Jake in her bed is easy. The hard part is getting into his heart. 


With the threat on the oil rigs and possible danger to Kate, Jake keeps her with him as much as he can.  When his father calls all the family home, he takes Kate with him.  Now can Jake keep his family from pressuring him into getting married again?  Will Kate be able to show Jake that not all women are like his conniving ex-wife, Alice?


Any story that throws mystery, steamy sex and a bit of heartbreak is a definite page turner.  Once again, Ann Jacobs gifts us with a book that grabs your attention from the very beginning.  Jake is a complex man bound by duty to his family, his dream of the oil fields, betrayal by a woman and the opportunity to love again.  Kate is the perfect woman to make him open his heart again.  She is soft, loving, with heartbreak in her past too. This is an extraordinary story for those who love to read erotica.     

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