By Natasha Smith
May 5, 2007 - 8:33:00 AM

The members of her small Florida community look well upon gallery owner Jessalyn Banks.  Her life is settled and comfortable.  The only thing she is unsure of is her feelings for Chief of Police Shane Moore.  Though Shane has been doing his best to infiltrate her life for the past year, Jessalyn has kept him at arms length.  With the arrival of an unknown stalker, Jessie may no longer have a choice; Shane’s presence may be necessary to keep her from harm.

For longer than he cares to remember, Shane Moore has been trying to get Jessie to notice him.  Doing anything possible to convince her that they need to be together, he even allows himself to be put on a planning committee for an Independence Day celebration.  Things heat up between the two when a stalker begins to threaten Jessie’s life.  Will Shane be able to keep her safe, or will the unknown menace terrorizing her follow through with their plans to harm her?


FIREWORKS by Loribelle Hunt is explosive!  Combine one small town police chief with one artsy gallery owner - sounds like a match made in heaven, right?  Not if Jessalyn Banks has anything to say about it.  Not wanting to open her heart to the possibility of being hurt, she is content to ignore Shane and his advances.  I found her admission of her attraction to him all the more sweet because while she fights the good fight, her heart doesn't stand a chance where Shane Moore is concerned.  If anything, he is tenacity at its best.  Add in a stalker bent of hurting Jessie and my romance-loving heart was content. 


FIREWORKS is an example of Ms. Hunt’s ability to write across different genres.  I continue to haunt her coming soon pages for exciting new novels to read by this talented author.  

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