Fireworks and Independence
By Briana Burress
Mar 1, 2006 - 9:55:00 PM

Danielle "Dani" Lambert is beginning to think that spending the July fourth weekend alone at a little beach bungalow was a bad idea.  Her four year relationship with fiance Brian, ended a month ago when he informs her that he is not ready to settle down. She desperately needs this weekend away to get her head on straight and put some fun back into her life.

Arriving a little early at her destination Dani decides to head into town for a couple of hours.  She is leaving a little cafe after having a little something to eat when a shiny penny catches her attention on the floor by the door.  As Dani bends down to pick it up, she experiences a sharp pain and sudden darkness takes over.


Dani opens her eyes to the concerned, handsome stranger, Cody Shepherd.  She is pleasantly surprised to see how at ease Cody makes her feel as they spend the afternoon nursing the knot on her head with an ice pack, eating taffy, and getting acquainted.  


The excitement of meeting Cody the next day has Dani?s heart aflutter.  They end up sharing a few fireworks of their own as they give into the needs of their bodies under the stars of the evening.  Is it true a person can really experience love at first sight? 


Inga Mahn is an artist with words as she examines the pain of heartache that ends with a love one never expects in FIREWORKS AND INDEPENDENCE.  Ms. Mahn will have your heart tied in knots as you see the tenderness and understanding between her characters come to life.

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