First Born
By Sandra Tibbetts
Mar 30, 2004 - 10:40:00 PM

Chief warrant officer, Jason Trayhern, an Apache Combat helicopter pilot is about to receive a BCD (bad conduct discharge) if he blows his last chance given to him. Jason trusts no one, since a drug lord, who had a score to settle with his father, Morgan Trayhern, had kidnapped, and badly abused his mother and him, when he was six-years-old. As an adult, even though he knows it really wasn't his father's fault for not protecting them, he still carries the scars, and has a troubled relationship with his father.  Jason has grown up with an attitude of a loner - arrogant, angry, rebellious, and not a team player, which has been dogging his military career. A career he never wanted, but in the Trayhern tradition, the first-born son must join the military.

Jason has been sent to the base of the Screamin' Eagles in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, as a last chance to vindicate himself, get his head screwed on straight, and learn to work as a team player with a new attitude, because this time his famous father's name was not going to save him. He has been assigned to the team of Chief Warrant Officer, Annie Dazen, who is the best pilot in the squadron. 

Annie is training her team to leave for Afghanistan in one month, and the last thing she needs on her team is someone who is not a team player, even if he is the most handsome man she has ever seen. Their very lives depend on everyone working together, as a well-oiled unit.  But when Annie meets Jason, she sees beyond the cocky arrogance, to the wounded, lonely, little child who is scared to trust anyone. Annie is an Apache from the Arizona reservation, and has the gift of perception from her mother. The first-born women in her family are all healers, but she chose to be a pilot instead, which her family accepted in their usual non-judgmental ways that they passed on to Annie.


Will Annie be able to help Jason grow and heal, to be all he can be? Can Jason let go of the past and move on, away from that black cloud that seems to follow him? Can Jason and his father ever have a loving relationship? And when tragedy strikes once more, will Annie have the strength to do what is best for all, even if it tears her apart? Will Annie be able to heal the scars of this damaged family?

FIRST BORN is a continuation from the series of MORGAN'S MERCENARIES, with the story of Jason Trayhern, the first-born son of Morgan and Laura Trayhern. The story will bring you up to date on what has been happening to the Trayhern's, since you last visited with them. The characters are fascinating, and realistic; they will pull you into their story from the first sentence, and will continue to hold you captive until the very end. As with all Lindsay Mckenna's stories, FIRST BORN is an infinitely enjoyable reading pleasure that has a fresh slant on life for you to ponder. Ms. McKenna is a creative and talented author, who always takes you beyond what you expect, into a challenging, thought provoking tale that is explored realistically. A definite keeper for my collection!

I look forward to Ms. McKenna's next book on the Trayhern family, Cathy Trayhern's book (yet untitled) due out in November 2004. Also coming out in July 2004, Ms. McKenna's launch book for Silhouette Bombshell, DAUGHTER OF DESTINY (Morgan's Mercenaries: Sisters of the Ark). I am eagerly waiting these new books, as I am sure they are bound to sweep me away into another richly rewarding reading experience.

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