First Sight to Last

Author: Sharon Horton

Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory

Release Date: July 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5


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Singer McLaine is a Special Agent who excels at her job.  She's working hard to prove herself capable of handling more difficult assignments, to help her achieve even higher status as an agent.  Although young, Singer has a knack for disguise and blending into her surroundings that make her a valuable member of the team led by her father.  Singer didn't have an easy childhood but she refuses to let her past get her down.  She is fiercely protective of what is hers, including her heart.  It's been broken before and she doesn't intend to let that happen again.  Yet during a successful but dangerous mission to find a pair of missing detectives, Singer is instantly attracted to one of them.

Not only is Detective Evan Wolcott the most handsome man she has ever seen, he also understands Singer's hopes and dreams.  Singer believes the attraction is mutual until the detective disappears from her life once the mission is complete.  Devastated, Singer decides to make some changes in her life, worrying her family and friends.  Then her father convinces her to take on a new mission.  This time Singer will be posing as the wife of another member of the team and to keep things realistic, she must actually marry the man.  She nearly backs out of the mission when she discovers who her 'husband' will be: Evan Wolcott.


Evan Wolcott is an excellent detective who also happens to be exceedingly handsome.  Many people assume that a man with his looks must have an easy life.  But Evan is anything but a shallow mannequin, and he often finds that his looks are more of a liability than an asset.  He is a sensitive and vulnerable man.  He cares deeply for his partner and friends, but his feelings for Singer go far beyond that of a co-worker.  Something hidden inside Evan realizes from the start that although his marriage to Singer is a sham for the sake of their mission, he would love to see it become a marriage in truth.  He suspects that Singer might feel the same way.  The magnetism between them is too strong to ignore, and both begin to share secrets they normally keep well-hidden.  What will happen between Evan and Singer once their mission has ended?  Neither can possibly imagine what's in store for them.


FIRST SIGHT TO LAST is an extremely emotional read that is both suspenseful and surprising.  Singer and Evan are strong and professional at times, yet heartbreakingly vulnerable at others.  They care for friends and family, and both feel a commitment to helping others that goes beyond their job descriptions.  They love and share; they argue and fight.  There is happiness and there are tears.  Singer and Evan face some devastating, nearly insurmountable obstacles that become the heart and soul of this story.  FIRST SIGHT TO LAST will capture the interest of both fans of romantic suspense and those who enjoy contemporary romance.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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