First Steps
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2007 - 4:13:00 AM

Peter’s desire for a family led him to the decision to hire a surrogate to bear him a child but he got more than he bargained for with two little bundles of joy. He adores the babies but fatherhood hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. He’d intended to raise them with his partner but his partner abandoned him. Now he’s nearing his wit’s end and alone with the demanding infants in the Alaskan wilderness and the cabin he’s rented is crumbling around him. It’s enough to make a grown man join the babies in a crying jag.

Park Ranger Chad loves his job and takes his responsibilities seriously. The lack of rain has driven the dangers of fire to a high warning status. Chad goes out making rounds and ensuring that all campers and residents are aware of the ban on fires. He winds up at Peter’s cabin where he meets the worn out daddy and accidentally wakes up the sleeping babies - all of whom are too adorable for him to resist.

Peter’s move to the wilderness stemmed from wanting somewhere for his children to grow up where they can run and play and see green and not concrete. He’s a writer so he can work anywhere but he needs to find a place to buy. The cabin he’s renting is only temporary and he intends to winter there and hopefully find a more permanent place next spring. Chad admires Peter’s willingness to raise Danny and Ellen alone and finds himself drawn to the trio. When the weather gets bad and the cabin proves to be uninhabitable Chad comes to Peter’s rescue and moves them into the Ranger station with him. Peter and Chad have developed an easygoing friendship and share a desire for each other, but will that be enough to keep them together when the babies get to fussing or storms begin fraying nerves?

Sean Michael’s FIRST STEPS will touch your heart as you read about these men and their adoration for the infants. Peter and Chad’s attraction to each other is sweet and really adds a hot element to the storyline but it’s the way they ban together to take care of Danny and Ellen that really touched a soft spot with me. They support each other and provide a stable home life for the babies which is superior to what can be found in many ‘traditional’ families. This is a wonderful heartfelt story which I found to be positively inspiring and a testament to the fact that gay couples are capable of raising children just as effectively as straight couples.

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