Fit To Be Tied
By Billie Jo
Mar 5, 2007 - 10:27:00 AM

Jen thinks she has the life every woman wants.  She has started her own business and has become engaged to the sexiest man she has ever known.  It is the start of the biggest day of her life and things are rapidly falling apart.  She endures her blueberry stained teeth and her groom showing up drunk at the wedding, but when an unexpected guest shows up and tries to ruin her big day, she loses all trust in her brand new husband.  On the second day of her honeymoon she asks Tom for a divorce.  She can not stay married to Tom, knowing that marriage is not a guaranteed commitment.  Will Jen come to her senses and realize she messed up the best thing that has ever happened to her?  Or will all her hurtful words and antics be the demise of her heart?

Tom is a successful man in the field of financial banking.  He is charming and works very hard to succeed.  The only thing he needs to complete his life is to find the perfect woman for him.  When he proposes to Jen, his girlfriend of two years, he believes his life has turned for the best.  However, his omission of not telling Jen everything about his past comes to bite him in the behind when his ex-wife shows up at their wedding reception.  Tom thinks it should be no big deal that he did not tell Jen everything, but when Jen hits him between the eyes with a divorce, he realizes he made a huge mistake.  Will Tom convince Jen that he was wrong and sincerely wants to stay married to the only woman he has ever loved?  Or will things get so out of hand, that he can not take a chance with Jen again?


FIT TO BE TIED is an interesting contemporary tale about Jen and Tom’s wedding and the after-effects of what can happen when someone’s feelings get hurt.  Ms. Kendall pens a dramatic saga that had me in peals of laughter in the beginning from all the horrible things that went wrong on the wedding day.  Tom is a sexy man who gets put through the ringer by his new bride.  I felt sorry for him, but then cheered him on when things started getting messy in the divorce.  Jen was whiny, fickle and psychotic at best.  I really liked her in the beginning and felt for her when she was lied to on purpose, but she did not grow as a likeable character because of her desire to break up the relationship instead of trying to fix it.  The vivid imagery was very well-written and it felt like I was sitting there watching everything going on.  



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