Fits Like a Glove

Author: Carolyn Gregg

Publisher: Red Rose

Release Date: April 24, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Charlotte Skye needs to save her deceased father’s flailing prophylactic company, Skye Blue, and fast! She has various ideas to implement that would kick start sales and get it back in the black. All she needs now is a few male models to try out a few products. Charlotte is intrigued by Guy’s file and even more by Guy, in the flesh. She can’t resist helping him with his trials and helping herself in the process. There’s just something about him that tempts her.

Guy Stenson can’t believe his good fortune. He’s in desperate need of some fast money and Skye Blue is offering a nice sum to try out their new prototypes. How hard can it be to try out condoms? Okay, it can be a little embarrassing at the same time hot, when he finds what he is testing. When it involves Charlotte, the sexy CEO of Skye Blue, it can be very hard. Charlotte is more than willing to ‘help’ Guy demonstrate the products, of whether they are worthy of being sold or not. In the process he learns that these test runs aren’t enough, he wants more than a few trials in the evening, he wants Charlotte after hours.


FITS LIKE A GLOVE is quick paced, hot, funny, and a nice light summer read. Charlotte and Guy heat up the pages in an amusing story about protection, prototypes and being proactive. Charlotte’s determination, eagerness, and open mind about getting Skye Blue back in the black lead to all sorts of humorous, sexy encounters for the two of them. I enjoyed her character’s development from beginning to end. Likewise, Guy is not your typical romance novel hero; his atypical character makeup and willingness to try something new is refreshing and makes for hot encounters.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lorelei Mattison

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