Five-Star Cowboy
By Sarah W
Jul 15, 2008 - 1:20:42 PM

Julia Lowell has just arrived in Arizona to tackle her new job: revamping the image of exclusive hotel, Tempest West. Julia loves a challenge and is not afraid of hard work, but she is a teeny bit nervous about being around her former flame, and new boss, Trent Tyler. They shared a passionate weekend affair during Julia’s best friend’s wedding, but that was the last Julia heard from Trent, until he urged her to take on the task of making Tempest West into an even more luscious vacation spot for the wealthy and weary. Now Julia is on Trent’s turf and he is making it clear that he would love to get to know her in the bedroom once again.

Julia wants things to remain professional between them. After all, the Tempest West account is a big career coup for her. But a part of her longs for Trent, even though he does not seem like a man willing to settle down into forever. But how long can she resist temptation when she is working closely with Trent to insure that Tempest West’s grand re-opening is successful? The fireworks, and the deceit, are about to explode between them in FIVE-STAR COWBOY.


Set against the colorful landscape of Arizona, Julia and Trent’s relationship is awakened once again. Neither has forgotten their weekend together. Trent does not think he will ever want to settle down however, while Julia is looking for a lover and companion. They have opposing needs but basic chemistry is pulling them in the same direction. I really liked seeing their passions emerge, both professionally and intimately. These two are hard working characters, determined to make a success of Tempest West. The strife between them is both sexy and emotionally difficult. Charlene Sands does a good job of making these characters a bit hard-headed so that their relationship has even a bit more oomph. FIVE-STAR COWBOY is a spicy and enjoyable romance. Julia and Trent make you believe in happily-ever-after.

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