Five Alarm Neighbor
By Sarah W
Jun 1, 2006 - 5:58:00 PM

When Gracie Terrence sees her neighbor, firefighter Steve Sheldon, throwing another party, she's fit to be tied. All she wants is a little peace and quiet so she can grade papers and eat her pizza. Instead, what she gets is an apology from Steve...and a scorching kiss! But Gracie knows they shouldn't be kissing, Steve is engaged after all. But when Steve lets her know his fiancee dumped him, Gracie is dumbstruck! What kind of woman would let Steve go? Soon, their scorching kisses are leading to some pretty intimate bedtime activities... But it's only an affair, right?

Steve Sheldon has been lusting for his sweet and spicy neighbor Gracie for some time now, ever since he caught her spying on some of his more intimate activities. Now that he's free, he feels more willing to pursue the attraction. But Gracie makes it clear that it's a no-strings attached affair. Steve sees nothing wrong with that-at first. But what happens when his heart becomes deeply involved?

FIVE ALARM NEIGHBOR smolders from page one to the end! Gracie and Steve share a deep lust that will surely singe the pages with its intensity. However, watching them both struggle to keep their hearts uninvolved is what makes this story truly gripping. Gracie's reluctance to become emotionally connected to Steve is sad, but seeing her finally take that leap is very uplifting and gives the reader hope that their relationship will work out. Anna Leigh Keaton has penned a scorching and savory treat in FIVE ALARM NEIGHBOR!

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