Five Magic Words
By Joanne
Aug 6, 2010 - 4:48:49 PM

Agatha Walker has grabbed her pens and sketchbook to go into her private woods to draw sketches for her girlfriend Rainie’s children’s books. The scenery is beautiful and great for illustrations. Wait! Who is that very handsome man sitting on her favorite log?

Silas has come to this secluded spot to wipe his mind of work, his dead wife and life’s other complexities.

Agatha keeps her distance and is hiding and drawing Silas from a distance. She creates a noise and Silas notices this very beautiful woman standing there. She looks like a Dryad, with golden bronze hair and a gorgeous face & figure.

Agatha notices the ring on his finger and leaves, letting him know that this is her private property. Silas is quite taken with Agathan and her spirit. He needs to let her know that his is not a married man, so that he can pursue a relationship.

Agatha & Silas are brought together under dire circumstances by Jamie, his son from his first marriage. Agatha and Silas both love children and Silas would love to find a suitable step-mother for his son, unlike the brazen step-mother that he grew up with. Could Agatha be the woman that his is seeking for himself and for his son?

We learn a lot about the history of each of these characters through their memories. Agathan grew up believing that she was too tall and that that would keep the suitors away, according to her mother.

Silas was the resident nerd, very intelligent and shy, with a step-mother who was probably young enough to be his sister. Agatha does not become lightly involved with any man after her experience with an acknowledged artist. She needs to hear her five magic words before she will allow anyone to touch her in any kind of an intimate manner.

The author, Valentine Dmitriev, uses very beautiful language to describe scenery, clothing and people. The wording pulls you right into the story, almost like you are actually there.I felt that there wasn’t enough connection between the two characters and the story has a slight Christian undertone, so it is quite calm in the romance department. The book is very descriptive and the language is beautiful, which makes it a pleasant read.

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