Flaherty's Crossing
By Dottie
Feb 8, 2010 - 1:31:19 PM

Kate Flaherty, an artist, is married to Drew, who is an attorney.  Between her gallery showings and time spent painting and her husband’s all-consuming struggle to make partner, their marriage is suffering.  Drew wants to start a family, but she is not sure that she will make a good mother.  Kate lost her mother when she was eight years old.  After an argument between her mother and father, her mother left the house and a drunk driver hit her, killing her instantly.  Afterwards, her father changed; he was cold to her and rarely home.  As a truck driver, he spent most of his time on the road.  Her Aunt Sophie moved in and raised her. For the past two years, her father has been going through chemo for his cancer, changing from the robust man she knew. 

Drew could see his marriage dying.  That’s why he made the ultimatum, which he left on the answering machine.  He hoped that scaring her by telling her that they needed to take a break would shock her into talking things over with him when he arrived home.  He knew that he spent a lot of time at work, but he needed to do it for them.  She did not want to go to business dinners with him and he had missed her showing due to business.  In addition, six months earlier, he had dinner with an old girl friend, Lindsey, and Kate still would not let it go. 


When Kate received the phone call that her father was on his deathbed, she dropped everything and drove to the house where she grew up.  Drew was on his way home from a business trip and she had heard the message on the phone.  But, though she wanted to save her marriage, she had to tell her father goodbye.  She hardly recognized the emaciated and unkempt man in the bed as her father.  However, when her father woke up, he thought she was her mother.  Finally, knowing she could not get her father to understand, she went home.  Flying down the road, she suddenly thought what if Drew thinks I left, and didn’t care about the break.  So she called Drew on his cell phone, but, not getting him, she left him a message.


Drew came home to an empty house, but he could tell she had heard the message.  Figuring that was the last straw, he picked up his packed bag and left.  Going to his best friend Brian’s home, he found Brian’s sister, Lindsey, instead of Brian.  After talking a little while, they kissed, but common sense finally stopped him, just in time before Brian walked in the door.  After Lindsey left and Brian went to shower, Drew decided to check the messages on his cell phone.  Seeing a message from Kate, he checked it first and he discovered that she left because her father was dying, but then he heard Kate’s scream just before the line went dead.  She had told him which road she was taking to come home, so, getting directions from Brian, he drove as fast as he could to get to her.  He did not know what he would do, if something had happened to her.  Was he too late to get his marriage back where it once was? 


FLAHERTY’S CROSSING is an amazing, emotional story of a young woman, who tries to come to terms with losing her estranged father and, at the same time, mend her troubled marriage.  Certain aspects of the story were spooky, but the reader cannot help empathizing with Kate.  I found myself emotionally involved with the story, laughing at times and near tears at others.  Author Kaylin McFarrin is an extraordinary storyteller with the ability to touch your heart with her words and I look forward to reading more of her works.  Brimming with witty repartee, well-drawn characters, creativity, imagination, plot twists, a few surprises and a bit of the paranormal, this story is unforgettable.  If you are looking for a terrific story, assured to keep you up until you finish the very last sentence, FLAHERTY’S CROSSING is the one for you.

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