Author: Erin Moore

Publisher: Wings ePress

Release Date: November 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Michelle Lawson and Darin Greene were childhood friends who had grown apart after high school. Their friendship is renewed when Michelle returns home. However, they are no longer children and soon more than friendship starts to grow between them. Darin must find the strength to overcome his own intense fear of commitment as well as to stand up to his disapproving mother and ex-girlfriend who refuses to let go.

Relationships are never easy but when Michelle starts to receive threats from a dangerous stranger, the challenge doubles. Now, both Darin and Michelle must put aside their own insecurities and fears and accept their feelings. Even as the danger mounts, Darin refuses to see the true nature of his heart. However, Darin vows to protect her no matter what the cost. Can he stay close enough to safeguard Michelle without losing his heart completely?

FLAME is a fascinating look into renewed friendships, budding romance and complications of love. Both Michelle and Darin must battle very real circumstances such as disapproving friends and family to find the path to love. Erin Moore offers two great characters struggling with complex issues that every reader can relate to. FLAME is an excellent read that covers all the bases: romance, mystery, and action. I dare a reader to be disappointed.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tara James

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