Flame Angel
By Angel
Nov 7, 2007 - 9:44:00 AM

Angie has watched Kraid and knows his reputation for being a bad boy.   Nicknamed the Dragon, she knows there has to be a reason why he has that name and she certainly intends to find out why.   She has never encountered anyone as intense and frightening as Kraid, but when Angie sets her mind to something she follows through.   Now can she stand the blaze that Kraid will give off?

Kraid has been watching Angie as much as she watches him.   He is determined to have Angie for himself at all costs.   He has some contenders that want Angie, but he won’t let them stand in his way.   Angie has a passion that shines and he knows that she is strong enough to handle the Dragon.   Now all secrets are about to be revealed and its time to see if Angie can take the heat.


Danger lurks in every page of this tantalizing tale and will keep you up long into the night reading all of the plot twists.   Kraid is a definite alpha male and his attitude will make you melt.   There is a confidence that can’t be duplicated or denied and his cocksure charm can certainly put a smile on your face.   Angie is confident and not one to back down from what she wants.   The heat between Kraid and Angie gives new meaning to the term inferno.   FLAME ANGEL has a paranormal aspect that readers are sure to enjoy and keep them coming back for more of Lisa Andel’s awesome writing.

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