Flame & A Fireman
By Bea Sigman
May 12, 2004 - 10:34:00 PM

Lisa Portelli has it all.  She is beautiful, has a rich family, a great apartment, a nice car, gorgeous clothes, plenty of money, and her job as a detective for the police force is pretty good.  So why does everything seem to bore her these days.  The NY society males her parents keep sending her to date are getting more boring, she doesn't want to go out and party with her friends like she used to, and she never dates anyone on the force.  Lisa is missing something, but she just can't put her finger on what has her in such a slump.  Her best friend Cathy recommends her stopping by Women's Pleasure Incorporated, a bordello that is just on the safe side of being legal, that Lisa used to frequent, but Lisa can't find the enthusiasm to even go for a quick fling.  When she sees the red envelope sitting on her desk, she assumes it's another invitation to some party and just puts in her pocket.  But curiosity gets to her later that evening, and Lisa realizes this is no ordinary invitation.  Yes, it's to the bordello, but Lisa has been to every room in that house and she knows that there is no Underworld or a character named Pluto.  So with her interest piqued, Lisa decides to check it out.

Normally, Devlin Garret wouldn't do something like this.  But meeting this one woman has him going to the extreme.  Besides their mutual friends, Cathy and Ivan met and got together in this very bordello.  So who knows, it could work for him.  All he wants is for Lisa to see the man, not the money behind the man and what better way to show her than posing as Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld.  And if things don't work out, with this great disguise, she will never know who he is. 


Lisa is shocked when she goes to the basement of the bordello that has now been turned into a place that looks just like you would imagine hell to look like.  She is completely stunned when she spots the largest man she has ever seen in her life; skin completely red, long black hair and sporting some horns.  This is one opportunity Lisa can't pass up and having Pluto rock her world could be the best thing for her.  But when they are done having the most incredible sex of her life, Pluto decides it's time for him to come clean.  Lisa balks at the idea of them getting close and hightails it out of there faster than Devlin can explain.


Is Lisa just really running from is herself?  Will she come to her senses before she ends up losing the best man that has ever entered her life?  Will Devlin be willing to hear her out when she does find him?


MS. Chatterly has written an erotic tale that is sure to keep you enthralled.  The fact that Devlin was painted in red paint all over, and I mean ALL over and it didn't come off in the water had me mesmerized.  It is amazing how alike Devlin and Lisa really are and the extremes they have to go to find someone who loves them for who they are, not for their net worth or their family connections.  FLAME & A FIREMAN is a hot read that is sure to have you wanting more.  If you didn't get a chance to read it, check out COP AND A KILT, the story about how Lisa got her best friend Cathy hooked up with Ivan.

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