Flash Point
By Sherri Myers
Jun 23, 2004 - 7:41:00 AM

Terri Schuman is so dedicated to her job as a Chicago paramedic, it can be said she is married to her work. When a series of unfortunate circumstances begins taking place, she experiences a breakdown and takes time off work to recuperate. Also, after rescuing a young woman from a wrecked vehicle, Terri finds she is being stalked by the woman. At first it seems harmless, but as time wears on, it is apparent the situation is becoming dangerous for her. When she meets firefighter Gabe Andrews, life for Terri seems to be looking up once again. Can Gabe rescue Terri from her stalker...and her own self-destructive drive for excellence?

Gabe Andrews, divorced father of two, is a handsome firefighter with a neighboring station. He isn't looking for love and enjoys life as it is, but when Terri comes charging into his life he is rethinking his self-enforced bachelorhood. Hoping to win her over, Gabe finds himself first needing to peel away the mask that Terri has hidden behind for much of her life. Will Gabe be able to rescue Terri from her stalker and convince her to trust in his love?  

Sally John is the author of the very popular OTHER WAY HOME series and now has penned an excellent story set in the exciting world of emergency services. The hero and heroine are everyday people doing their jobs who just happen to find life is better experienced together than apart. This book was so well researched, it was as if I was actually there rescuing people myself. As Terri begins allowing the mask to be peeled away, the light of God's love shines into her heart and begins healing it. I enjoyed reading this book very much and highly recommend it to readers of Christian romances.

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