By Jo
Oct 23, 2013 - 10:40:56 PM

FLASHBACK is a dark read with psychic abilities that seemed more of a paranormal than a retro contemporary romance.  Watching how Dana was affected by other's thoughts, memories, nightmares and situations was almost scary at times especially when it got her into trouble.

Carpenter's FLASHBACK had me cheering from the sidelines with hopes that both Dana and David would not only be healed but also give each other a chance.  This was a quick read although I got headachy at times from all the dark swirling around not only Dana and David but other people in town.  The flashbacks to Viet Nam and what David dealt with as a helicopter pilot was scary and got my heart racing.  Watching Dana's mom try to help her daughter but also not let on that anything was wrong was often heartbreaking.  David tried to win Dana's trust but he had so many issues of his own to deal with.  Neither one wanted help from the other but they kept getting drawn to each other.  There were family, friends, a small town, tears, heartache, sorrow, scary moments, some laughter, romance and ultimately love.  There was a totally unexpected ending to the story as well as a happily ever after.  There was closure but a couple of additional chapters or an epilogue would have gone a long way and made the story that much better.

Carpenter is an author I've recently found.  While some of her books have a darker side because they deal with real issues they still have been enjoyable reads.

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