Flat-Out Sexy
By Ann
Nov 1, 2008 - 9:23:39 AM

Tamara Briggs thought she was finally getting her groove back after her husband’s death two years ago.  She decides this time around to play it safe with Professor Gregory Akers.   Unfortunately, he has as much testosterone as her nine year old son.  Thankfully she comes to her senses but not before she attracts the attention of a hot guy named Elec.  As these two tangle between the sheets, Tamara thinks that maybe he’ll be a very nice diversion in her life until she finds out that not only is he younger than her, he’s also a race car driver like her husband.  Can she overcome her fears of losing someone again to the sport of racing as well as the feeling that she is robbing the cradle? 

FLAT-OUT SEXY starts a new series that sizzles both on and off the field.  Tamara and Elec’s attraction is so explosive that it is impossible to see how they can talk to each other without tearing their clothes off.  Yet they aren’t just all about the sex.  Even though she likes Elec, Tamara has to think about her kids and her fears of losing someone again.  Her fears are very understandable but she also uses it as a crutch.  She doesn’t want to take a leap of faith until it’s almost too late.  Elec doesn’t want to pressure Tamara but he refuses to let her hide behind her fears.  He isn’t about to let her retreat into her protective shell and he’ll use her kids and his own appeal to make her see that they can make it if they try together.  The secondary characters are quite interesting and will make for some fireworks of their own.  I can’t wait until the next book in the series because if FLAT-OUT SEXY is a sizzler then the next one will be a scorcher!

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