Flight of Her Life
By Jo
Dec 1, 2013 - 7:30:29 PM

FLIGHT OF HER LIFE is a short romantic comedy set at Christmas that had me smiling and laughing throughout except when Phillip was in the picture.  How can fun loving Bailey put up with him - rude, obnoxious and stuffy, and as a result become someone no one would recognize?

Saxon's FLIGHT OF HER LIFE pulled me in from the beginning while asking how can Bailey put up with the way Phillip is treating her?  Nothing kind ever seems to come out of his mouth and his Senator parents are held up as the epitome of style and etiquette but it isn't what comes through.  Watching Bailey's antics at the airport and hotel and how Sebastian is nothing but supportive, caring and loving shines through from the minute they meet up again.  The dilemmas that Bailey manages to get into just made me shake my head especially when she thought Phillip was her only chance at love - really?  There was such heat between Bailey and Sebastian plus their history from back home but both were afraid that their feelings weren't reciprocated.  There was family and friends along with lots of loving and romance.  The only downfall is the book wasn't longer but maybe we'll meet up with Bailey and Sebastian again (hint, hint) and continue where they left off.  One can only hope!

My first introduction to Saxon are the books written in her ATLANTIC DIVIDE SERIES. While those are enjoyable reads I would love to see her write more romantic comedies where her humor shines through from start to finish along with heat and strong characters along with a wonderful storyline. 

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