Flirting With Texas - Deep in the Heart of Texas series, Book 5
By Diana S
Jul 1, 2013 - 8:00:46 AM

Jenna Jay Scroggs moved to New York City to get away from her family. Jenna is trying to clean up the mean streets of New York single-handedly which could get her in trouble. Jenna is being followed by a sexy cowboy but takes him down in Central Park. Being a tomboy she is not afraid of standing up to anyone.

Beauregard Cates is a Texas born hunk of cowboy virility and charm. Beau is running from his health issues and his family. He was sent to New York City to find Bramble, Texas’s hometown girl Jenna Jay. He didn’t know it could be so dangerous. He is knocked down by the woman and when he tries to rescue her from a mad bunch of horse carriage drivers in Central Park, he ends up arrested.


Jenna Jay can’t imagine why the sexy cowboy is following her but she doesn’t like it. Jenna is trying to help her neighbor’s son get away from selling drugs and the drug dealer is not happy about it. Jenna is also taking videos of overworked carriage horses to place on YouTube. Jenna has not made any friends doing any of this so she figures the cowboy must be working for one of these people.


Beau just wants to find out Jenna’s address to send to a friend back in Texas. Beau ends up getting hurt and is staying with Jenna when she is kidnapped by a couple of thugs, so he is kidnapped as well. They find themselves locked in a trailer speeding down the highway going who knows where. Jenna figures it is one of her adversaries but Beau thinks otherwise. When they end up in Bramble with all the townsfolk there to greet them Jenna is steaming mad.


Beau is part owner of a bed and breakfast just outside of Bramble that used to be a brothel. It was known as the henhouse and the manager is an old madam who is trying to find descendants of the “hens” who used to work there. The local minister gets the idea that the house is trying to go back to its old ways and wants to shut them down. Beau has been running from his own secrets for two years and can’t believe his business is being victimized.


There are a lot of laughs, family squabbles and weird residents in this small Texas town and region. Will Beau realize he doesn’t have to run anymore and find happiness with Jenna? Will Jenna find that being back home again is where she wants to be?


The fifth book in the DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS series, FLIRTING WITH TEXAS, is a funny book that you don’t want to put down for a second that I highly recommend. I love all the fussing and fighting that goes on between family and friends.

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