Flirting with Forever
By Dottie
May 11, 2014 - 5:19:48 PM

Theo Jacobson lives for adventure and flying. Finishing up his latest stint in Alaska, he is winging his way to Everson, Texas, to be his older brother Jake’s best man. While the newlyweds are away on their honeymoon, Theo will be spending the two weeks completing the jobs for Jake’s construction business. Afterwards, Theo plans to sell his plane and head for his next adventure in Australia. But upon his arrival in Everson, Texas, he comes face-to-face with the wedding planner, Irene, who also happens to be the woman who broke his heart years ago.

Irene Cornwell had once been deeply in love with Theo, but he left her behind way before she sent him the break-up letter. Having lost her parents at a young age, Irene was raised by her aunt and uncle and she would do anything for them. After graduating, she and Theo, eager to get away from their hometown, left together as friends, but their feelings for each other grew deeper. After breaking up with him, she returned to the area where she grew up and met her first husband. Although she did not love him with the same passion she felt for Theo, Irene loved him in her own way, and now that he is gone, she misses him. Despite being three times her age and extremely wealthy, her husband had been a good man. He helped the folks in Everson and upon his death he left Irene in charge of his charitable foundation. Irene enjoys her work with the foundation and has even extended the charity work, but she still wants something of her own. So she starts the wedding planning service, I Do, I Do. Jake and his fiancée’s wedding is Irene’s third one for her business, but facing Theo again will make it her most difficult job to date.

With the roles that Theo and Irene have to play in the wedding, they cannot avoid each other, so they call a truce. However, with their close proximity, it does not take long for the fireworks to start between them. Now Theo has a choice to make. Will he leave Irene behind as he heads off to his next adventure, or will he stay and join Irene in an adventure of a lifetime?

A heartwarming tale, FLIRTING WITH FOREVER, the latest novel situated in Everson, Texas, by author Molly Cannon, is an emotion-packed contemporary romance that will touch your heart. These two characters are wonderful together and their chemistry is palpable. As the story unfolds, readers will find sections that will make them laugh out loud and at other places, bring them to tears. After the death of her wealthy husband, Irene experiences scandal and gossip and gains the label, The Black Widow. I admire the way she still hung in there with her charity work as though nothing was said. Her desperate longing to be needed is touching. The scenes between Theo and Irene are filled with sexual tension and I could not help rooting for the two of them.

Packed with warmth, humor, small town dynamics, likeable characters, wedding plans, flirty romance and true love, this story is a keeper! Although I believe this is the first Molly Cannon novel I have read, it will definitely not be my last. A truly entertaining story, one you do not want to miss!

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