Love Finds a Home - Follow Me Home
By Nadine St. Denis
Jul 1, 2011 - 6:45:00 PM

The eclectic citizens of Cordelia, Missouri may not have flare and pizzazz like they do in the big cities. But they band together when someone is in trouble, they stick up for the underdog and they are making sure that Alcea and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Kathleen, are going to be all right. With help from her friends, Alcea should be concentrating solely on getting her life back together, but instead she finds herself constantly thinking about her new landlord, which is definitely not a good idea. Even though she knows that she is walking down that path alone, it doesn't stop her from wishing.

Dakota Jones likes his life. He's a well-known author under an assumed name, celebrity life is not for him, he moves around from town to town, never tied down with personal commitments, it's perfect. Or at least it was, until he decided to come back home for a short while. His unexpected run-in with Alcea, shows him that she has changed from an attractive girl into an alluring and seductive woman. Maybe he could stay in town a little longer than planned . . .

Both Dakota and Alcea know about life's hard knocks. What you do about them and how you change as a result, they are finding is the most important lesson. And maybe finding true love along the way, only makes the journey that much better.


FOLLOW ME HOME by Jerri Corgiat is an emotionally charged novel, through her heartwarming characters, humor and engaging story she shows us that no matter the circumstances, things have a way of working out and changing us for the better in the process. This is one book you won't want to pass up.



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