For Her Pleasure

Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Berkley Heat

Release Date: September 4, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 Blue Ribbon Staff Pick

Format: PRINT

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Travis "Mac" McKenzie, Ryder Sinclair and Kit Townsend have maintained a special friendship for most of their lives. Mac and Ryder left town for a while but now they’ve returned and they’re interested in starting a more intimate relationship with Kit. Both men are interested in a threesome, but for Mac it’s far more personal - he wants to be the one she comes home to every night.

Kit has never had a whole lot of trust in men, but since her attack six months ago she lives in constant fear. The only men she truly trusts, Mac and Ryder, have adapted a protective attitude toward her and she’d give anything to see their eyes filled with lustful intentions again. WHAT SHE WANTS is hot, sweaty monkey sex with her best friends without any romantic entanglements.

Mac’s done his best to give Kit time to come to grips with her attack, but he’s decided that he’s not willing to wait any longer. After a nasty incident at the bar where Kit works she decides that she’s tired of the games and sick of being scared. Kit finally admits to Mac that she wants him and Ryder. Plans are made to meet after she gets off work, but an unexpected note and a phone call throw her back into panic mode. She’s forced to reveal what happened the night she was attacked and the fact that her assailant is stalking her. Kit’s convinced that it has to be someone who knows them, but who?

WHAT SHE WANTS contains the perfect blend of sexually charged scenes, suspense, and emotional turmoil. I adored Mac, Ryder, and Kit’s close-knit friendship and envied their ‘Three Musketeers’ attitude.


Ryder has become uncomfortable with Mac and Kit - not because he doesn’t enjoy being with them, but because he’s come to realize that he’s in love with Kit. While avoiding Mac and Kit, he’s taken to hanging out with a stripper named Mia. They’d even considered becoming lovers but then realized that it would be a mistake and ended up getting drunk and exchanging sob stories.

Mac and Kit are living together as a couple and there’s no doubt that they are in love but they’ve noticed that lately Ryder has been distancing himself. His absence from her life is hurting Kit. Ryder and Kit share the same sort of upbringing and she needs him to remain in her life.

Mac and Kit are going to the coast for the weekend and Mac called to invite Ryder along. He declines but later runs into Kit when he stops at the bar for a bite to eat. She convinces him to join them on their trip. Mac wants happily-ever-after with the white picket fence and two point five kids. Kit wants to be loved by her two favorite men. Ryder simply wants Kit. Is there any hope for any real resolution to their dilemma?

WHAT SHE NEEDS is a highly emotional roller coaster of a story which will have readers smiling and cheering the characters one moment and crying the next. If you weren’t already in love with Ryder, Mac and Kit from WHAT SHE WANTS this story is sure to endear them to you.


Mia Nichols has been in love with Jack for as long as she can remember. He saved her from a life of pain and anguish and assumed the role of her guardian while making sure that her needs were met - all except for her need for him.

Jack Kincaid is fourteen years older than Mia. He met her when he took down her father during a drug bust. Jack’s been looking out for her and trying to tamp down his attraction to her ever since.

Mia’s desire for Jack forces her into taking drastic action and using the spare key he’d given her to his home to join him in his bed while he’s sleeping. Jack doesn’t have the heart to turn her away and he doesn’t regret spending the night with her. Jack’s a possessive man and he has no intention of letting Mia go but she may not like what ‘belonging' to him entails. They agree to talk about it tomorrow but before they have time for a serious discussion, Jack receives a phone call and disappears from Mia’s life. Two years later, Jack is back in Dallas but by then Mia is long gone. His friend Kenny offers the first hope of finding her when he drops the bombshell that Mia is a stripper in a hole-in-the-wall town. Instinctively Jack knows that something is very wrong, stripping isn’t the sort of thing she’d be doing willingly. Once again Jack’s going to go to Mia’s rescue and this time he has no intention of letting her go - ever.

WHAT SHE CRAVES is action packed from beginning to end. It’s very easy to lose yourself in these characters and their situations and you’ll quietly cheer their stamina and determination to triumph over the dangerous situation which Mia’s unwillingly involved.

Maya Banks became a must read author for me after I read her very first book SEDUCING SIMON. Her storylines are always full of emotional situations, lovable characters, and kick butt storylines that will leave you desperate for more. FOR HER PLEASURE is a powerful anthology which will take readers into the lives of Mac, Ryder and Kit as well as Mia and Jack. Each story flows seamlessly into the next for a genuinely enjoyable book full of all the passion, excitement, and suspense I’ve come to expect from Ms. Bank’s storylines. I highly recommend FOR HER PLEASURE for readers who like spicy romances with a suspenseful element - it’s definitely a must read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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