For Love and Honor

Author: Cathy Maxwell

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: May 29, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: PRINT

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The Bookish Miss Nelson by Cathy Maxwell

Miss Pippa Nelson is used to traveling with her father, a general, and acting as his hostess whenever she is needed. However, her father has left her at Wellington’s headquarters while he goes off on a mission, without leaving her any instructions on how she is to proceed.

With danger approaching, her father sends Captain William Duroy, as a means of punishment, to escort her to Lisbon and then onto England. But Pippa does not want to leave without her father. Refusing to take no for an answer, they start out on their journey. But along the way, she escapes. After he catches up with her, they find themselves in the midst of the danger, with Frenchmen all around. Fighting the attraction between them, they try to make it to safety. Will they be successful, or will this spell the end of their blossoming romance?

Author Cathy Maxwell brings this intriguing historical romance to life with humor, an exciting plot, danger, passion and love. Ms. Maxwell draws on her own military career and writes a convincing story, one that readers will definitely enjoy.

Letters from Pie Town by Lynn Hinton

Raymond Twinhorse has lived in Pie Town all of his life, but he was wounded in the service of his country and now lies in a hospital in Germany. To bolster his spirits, the townspeople have sent out a notice asking everyone to show their love and support for him by writing letters to him. His fiancée Trina is in charge of the project and plans to enclose the letters in a get well parcel. The story is relayed through these letters.

A heartwarming tale, this story will touch your heart as the townspeople write letters filled with love and humor. This is a unique way of writing a story, one that gives insight into the people of the town and the close knit town itself. Fans of Ms. Hinton’s work will also get a chance to revisit some of the characters from her previous works. Those who are not familiar with Ms. Hinton’s will get a wonderful chance to experience Pie Town, which is the location of some of her other works.

Home Sweet Home by Candis Terry

Days after tragedy struck America, Aiden Marshall and his two buddies enlisted and were sent off to Afghanistan. He had told Paige, the girl he had started seeing in high school, not to wait for him as he had no idea what the future held. That was two years ago. Now that he is back home, but without his buddies, who had given their lives for their country, Aiden did not feel like he deserved to still be alive. He also felt that he did not deserve Paige and planned to break up with her, although it had been thoughts of her that had helped him through the war. To make matters worse, the dog he had befriended in Afghanistan had not been able to return with him and he felt as if he had deserted the dog.

Paige has been in love with Aiden since elementary school, but she had not been able to get him to kiss her until high school. Afterwards, they had been inseparable, until he had left for the service. He had told her not to wait, but she had let him know that she would be waiting for him. Their correspondence had declined over the two years as he slowly stopped writing. But she was prepared to be there for him when he returned home. While he has been gone, she has bought her aunt’s place and has plans for it…plans that include Aiden.

Walking into the diner where Paige works, Aiden waited for her to notice him. As she came up to get his order and looked up at him, a smile slowly formed on her lips and she leaped into his arms. He hated what he was about to do, but he had no choice. She would be better off without him. She deserved better than he could give her.

Paige noticed the change in Aiden; he no longer smiles. She suspects that what he has come to tell her is not good. But she does not give up easily. As he hides out at the family farm, she, with the help of the townspeople, has a plan. Will it be enough to heal the heart of the man she loves and bring him back to her, or has she lost him for good?

A sensual read that promises to warm your heart, this well written story will captivate your attention from the very beginning. As Aiden suffers over the loss of his buddies and his guilt at surviving them, I could not help but have empathy for him and root for Aiden and Paige as a couple. Fortunately, his girlfriend is feisty and doesn’t give up easily. Being the wife of a former Marine, who returned from war, but lost his brother to it, this realistically told story hit close to home. This is the first Candis Terry book I have read, but it will not be the last.

A timely read, FOR LOVE AND HONOR is a beautifully moving tribute to our servicemen, both past and present, oft times sweet, tender and at other times, humorous. With Ms. Maxwell’s historical tale and the two contemporary tales by Ms. Hinton and Ms. Terry, the love comes through strong. Dealing with soldiers returning home from war, wounded, some in body and mostly all in spirit, and the women who love them, left at home to tend the home fires and wait for their return, these stories are unforgettable. The heartbreak and fear that go hand-in-hand with wartime are ageless, for they have been suffered throughout time by those who go to war and those who love them. You will not want to miss FOR LOVE AND HONOR!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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